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I have two Lane side tables marked on the underside with Lane Altavista Virginia Style no. – thanks! Thank you. And Lane used different woods for different models within the same series sometimes – if you can email pictures and the serial numbers of the pieces in question we can dig in. The serial number is 4373090. It’s in good shape other than the top. I believe I’ve responded via email, but let me know if you have other questions! My mom was given some furniture pieces a while back and is now trying to get rid of them as she is moving into a smaller house. Theresa, Have a lane coffee table 1 drawer style. Could please verify these numbers are correct, and is this set desirable, what type of wood or any other information you have on this would be appreciated I was wondering if there is a way to find out what the name of the pattern is. Having someone on site to inspect and assess the piece will ensure an accurate report. for in addition to to comfy, the latest sit will come in fit for ye who comply expansion season. I purchased it in the 1980s. Known by its impeccable craftsmanship, you will want to look for the following clues: Your logo may look like the above, or it may just contain the wording “LANE Altavista, Va.” (without the framing), or it may have a forest motif surrounded by a half circle above the word “LANE”, For example, our end table has the serial number: 063270 so our table was made on 07/23/60, Without a serial number, Lane cannot determine a date of production, Your piece may also contain an extra digit – this tells you the plant location, Sometimes you may find an extra bit of information: the style number may be written near the serial number, For example, our table is considered style 2098, Scrape the burned finish with a single-edge razor blade (you can find these in your local hardware store in the paint prep aisle), Remove any loose dirt or wood bits and clean with naptha (typically a lacquer thinner, but it is best to consult your local hardware paint department to make sure you buy the right thing). I have a small Lane table. Cheers! The chairs that came with it have dark metal legs with an orange cushion, dark wood framed wicker back. Hi Victoria – sounds amazing – if you could send pic’s of the pieces and numbers we can dig in – Hi! Off stamped under it. I know manufacture date but cant even find a photo on line. I can send pictures! Hmmm… yes that’s interesting. Sounds like a lovely piece. Hi Bernadette, The couch is more difficult to identify – it’s upholstered, but has a curved wood topped arm on one end. I have a lane cedar chest, style no 6151-10, serial number 657111, that I purchased at an antique store a couple years ago. Hi, we have a Lane chest and are having a hard time finding any info. My father gave me a lane chest. Style 997 05. Any idea how we can determine the age and if it’s worth restoring. I just purchased a Lane table with a style number of 927-05 serial 060503. Based on the markings I would say 1965 – cheers! Congrats on a great find! Happy to help – please send along pics of the piece and markings to and we’ll dig in! We have emailed them over and over again, with no response. 997 32 and Serial No. It’s a little end table and has a picture of a compass on the front with the words “S. Is there a Lane marking? Hi Theresa, Is that common? Using various search engines attempting to find it’s origin, perhaps it’s a Lane piece? Canada, Oh fun! What an amazing find! Any more information about these pieces would be greatly appreciated. I would do some research online to find comparables so you have a baseline, then reach out to local vintage shop owners to get recommendations for local appraisal resources. Serial number 2981180 The Style Number is 1263 05....Does this number mean anything? In terms of insurance purposes, I would reach out to an appraiser directly for their help on this. Thanks again! Thanks for reaching out. On the bottom is LANE ALTAVISTA, VIRGINIA Below that is style no. I would recommend reaching out to local shop owners to get their take on it – they’re very knowledgeable and will also have appraisal resources. I would recommend reaching out to local vintage shop owners, they are a wealth of information and can connect you with a reliable contact. A Lane Guide Company About Us. I just found a lane cedar chest in my parents bedroom underneath the chest it reads a serial number of 088029 #5440-s or 5 and inside there is a paper with a number #5049, Hi Ivonne, Hi Mary, Thanks for the comment – in most of these cases we’re corresponding directly with the reader via email. ), It appears to me no matter how interpret the numbers the year ends in “11,” before Lane opened it’s doors for business. Last step is to reach out to vintage shop owners and see if they have additional resources. If I reverse as everyone says, it doesn’t make sense. Neither of us had any idea how popular this furniture is. Withna clear logo but have no details on this desk or what it is worth, Please assist. Could you please email me photos of the cedar chest and all the markings? Also would the style # indicate the 45th style or something else. I have a Lane bedroom set purchased in the mid 60’s. The serial number is a little confusing :362206. Sounds good – thanks for reaching out. I found two little matching square Lane Alta Vista tables with tapered legs.I don’t know if they are end or occasional tables or used together as a coffee table. Can you help me? They obviously need some restoration. Do you know what age may be? Cheers, Unfortunately we don’t offer appraisals, but I would recommend connecting with vintage shop owners & they can give you a fair market value for resale. I have just been given two small Lane (ALTAVISTA, VIRGINIA)tables and would like to know more about them. Please send pictures of the markings and front elevations for both pieces to and we can dig in. Tell us in the comments! Serial #2098290 . I have a Lane Hy-Lite boomerang table (1960) that I’ve fallen in love with. Beloved by many a middle class family adorning their homes in the bustling post-war times, modern fans are seeing these pieces on the sets of shows like “Mad Men.” Beautifully designed with sturdy materials, a Lane piece can be the cherry on top of any collection. top that about 17″ sq. Create search alert for lane furnitu... We will email you when we have new items for sale matching this search! This polish will clean the metal, lend a nice sheen, and protect the metal from future scratches. Their styles ranged with the taste of the era. If you can send pictures to we’ll dig in more! Hi L.J. Best of luck!! Lane Cedar Chest 7 Digit Serial Number 1; Lane Cedar Chest 7 Digit Serial Number Lookup; Lane Furniture was founded in 1912 by Edward Hudson Lane in Altavista, Virginia. Hi Cathy! I have looked all over and cannot find any information on them. Results for lane furniture serial number lookup. Hi Stacy, Hi Becky! Thanks for reaching out. I have a set of Lane end tables with a matching coffee table from 1964. Hi Mel, This is a 1967 Lane end table is pattern 205-290 from their First Edition series in walnut. Ty! Please email pics to – thanks! They are teak. Hi Chris, Thanks! I have a Lane Cedar Chest, STYLE I-244. Thanks! They can also see the piece in person if need be for further assessment. Same thing happened to me! Hi Maria, Related: We have tried repeatedly to get in touch with customer service since the framework has a lifetime warranty. The serial number makes sense 166121 (Dec. 16, 1961) but I haven’t seen any other Lane table like it.No dovetail joints and it’s a light colored wood. There isn’t a ton of information online about the various collections, but I have used this site before to help me identify wood types: I found this really nice Lane end table with the model # 867 and I am trying to decide whether to buy a similar one. And the first wedge shaped table – it was built the day after I was born. Any idea how to get a new one outside of buying a whole new table? Best of luck and enjoy your find!! Brent, Hi Brent, Vintage Lane Furniture Style Identification . I contacted the Lane company and they had no info. I own a 2 level Lane coffee/side table. Hi, Can you tell me the Lane grouping name of style # 1082, dated 08/26/67? I’d like to find out what they are worth. I am looking for a value for it. Hope your ventures are going well – email me if you want to do an interview and be featured in a post on the home page. We don’t do appraisals on the site. Thank you! backwards. Hi Paul! I can’t find a serial number but the logo is inside the top drawer. I have pics if you would be interesting in seeing. Please email them to and we’ll dig in. i have a Virgina Maid by Lane chest with green fabric top. Hi , We have a coffee table and the information on the bottom , is as follows (LANE ALTAVISTA VIRGINIA STYLE NO . The black mechanism under the bottom has broken. (There doesn’t seem to be any way to break it up that makes sense, whether or not you figure the final digit is the plant number.) Cheers, I of course researched and found that is a lane build 10/29/51 and style #45. I have two end tables Style No 1387, Serial #757240, and a round coffee table Style 1383, Serial #757240. I cannot find anything online that looks like the design so I am sending you photographs. The numbers indicate that it was made in September, 1955. There are are 2 shallow drawers, each on opposite sides. It’s marked Lane The style number is stamped in a diff color with “made in China” next to it which i thought was odd. So if the time period is from the late 1940s-early 1960s you can call it mid-century modern. But if I can find any information on the history of the piece I will send along! Thanks! Stamped underneath and Serial no. We purchased a Coffee and End table yesterday. If you can send me some pics of the pieces themselves as well as the markings, we’ll dig in more: If you could send some pictures to, we’ll dig in! Sounds like a great Cedar Chest. All of the chest’s flaws are revealed in these photographs. Lane is a name that’s no stranger for the collector of vintage and old-school furniture. See more ideas about lane furniture, furniture, mid century. Handsome pair of vintage modern parsons style rectangular end tables or side tables by Lane of Alta Vista in walnut with walnut diagonal inlay. Hi, we have come across a Lane coffee table and two end tables. The serial number backward made no sense to them and they couldn’t find the style. You’ll want to make a good investment in the quality of wax you purchase and be sure to look for a kind that does not contain silicon. My grandmother was the original owner. Thanks for reaching out! What a wonderful find – walnut was a common wood used by Lane so you’re onto something… enjoy! I have had zero luck finding any information on these pieces. They’ll be able to give you a good resale or investment value (and may ask to see the piece in person). Thanks for reaching out – sounds like a fun piece! Hi Robert, I would like to have it restored, refinished and stained. Design patent NO. What can you tell me about this nice piece. Can you help me date it? Could you please send pictures to Thanks for the note – I will also research & if I have further details I’ll reply to this comment thread. Hi- I have a drop-leaf coffee table, style #1596 12, style # 4673120 purchased in May 1978 at Strawbridges in Exton, Pa. This walnut group includes a coffee table, two side tables (all style 1085) and an octagonal enclosed table (style 1086). Based on the serial number, it was made in Jan of 1973. It is a bit taller than this table and it has a smaller diameter. I have a Hutch by Lane. Can you tell me anything about it? If you have a watermark that has already affected the finish, be sure to do the following: use a 4/0 steel wool along with Johnson’s paste wax to gently rub out the stain; you will want to rub with the wood grain. Thank You, I am at my wits end Jimi, Hi Jimi, The serial # is 358250 and the style # is 305. Lane Cedar Chests Hope Chests . Cheers! Cheers…, Bought from garage sale Lane coffetable wondering if it’s worth anything, 2591090 Style number 1435 01 dont know anything about Lane except name is great. The end table is stamped 1225 Commode T342. Thanks for the note – if you could please send pictures to we’ll dig in! Do you own a Lane vintage piece? 2495108. when was it made? Would you be able to email me some pictures so I can start researching? Between their view of local resale value & the internet information, you can get a more dialed-in figure. We’ll start digging into it and will have a reply to you shortly. However I was trying to determine the age of the table. Any help would be much appreciated! Walnut/Ash, Walnut/Oak, HELP!!!! Can you tell me anything about them? (and thanks for the info in the article, more informative than any other I’ve found!! Hi Jordan – if you can send pics to, we’ll dig in! They’ll be able to advise and also can give you recommendations for local, trusted furniture restoration firms. Often times switching between wax or oil-based polishes can cause cloudiness or streaking. G32-31 Thank you, Hi Lea, It is beautiful, but before I use it, I hope to find out about it. I don’t have a picture yet that I can post. SORRY! Sounds like a great piece. Hi Dan, Thanks in advance for any info. That person came to my home to inspect the piece in person and gave me a more accurate estimate. Are you familiar with this style? Hi Ken, Hi Heather, Put it in the kids room cause I didn’t have room in mine but now I’m wondering if that was a bad idea. I will never buy Lane Furniture again. Thanks in advance- Jennifer, Hi Jennifer, I believe the set may have been designed as youth furniture as I am fairly sure the tops are laminate. Cheers and best of luck! Lane Style Numbers . Mike. Serial 4611101…trying to attain as much info as I can on this piece. Sounds like a fun retro project! We have a little round Lane Altavista lamp table. Cheers! They look to be cantilevered but I have not seen any Lane products like them. There are three lines of numbers on the back: 51 then under that 305-03 and under that SER NO 376640. We are not appraisers so can’t speak to value. Or direct me to where I can find more information about it? Hello. I there! Hi,I have a Lane Hope Chest and it was built in 1956,it was my Grandmother’ they still make keys for the push button lock on the front?? Characterized by its sleek styling and quality construction, Lane Furniture has been an iconic American brand since 1912. It would be great if you could email some pictures of the number stampings and the pieces themselves. You should be able to easily glide your fingers across the wood. I have a Style no 104′ 18 I cannot find any info on this I would like to find pics so I can restore it if need be if it has any significant value or can I repurpose this? Lane Cedar Chest Value By Serial Number No Lane stamp, the dovetails are rounded. Thanks for the note – sounds like a lovely piece! This person can help authenticate after an in-person review. $399.00. Cheers and may the vintage be with you…. Any info would be great! Thanks! We always love seeing pictures of our reader’s finds – feel free to email us at Thanks, I have a theory that style numbers that begin with 489 are 1927, 487 were made in 1926 and the 48618 would be from 1925. Would you have any ideas to help? If you want to send me pictures of the item I can try and research more for ya! Could this have been made in 92 and I’ve just read the serial number incorrectly? – Becky. Chris. I cannot find anything like it on line. 🙂. Its shape is curved like waterfall designs. Maybe we could send some pictures. I can send pictures. Coffee tables and cedar chests from Lane Furniture have the serial number stamped on the bottom or underside of the piece. If you’d like us to dig in further, please send pics to The serial code is 6126-03. Unfortunately there isn’t a one-stop shop for serial number look ups. It does make me pause when you mention the lack of dovetail joints, but again, Lane has a very robust history so it’s hard to rule anything out! Hi Jamie, I purchased a side table at a garage sale recently and when loading into my car I noticed it had a makers mark. Congrats on the cool find! Sounds amazing and you’re right on the manufacturing date. Thanks for the note – if you want to send the information to we’ll dig in! Sounds like a lovely cedar chest – as we’re not appraisers we don’t advise readers on financial worth. If the piece has history with the family then it is obviously treasured, if you can prove the provenance that will make it a good financial investment as well. I wonder what type of wood and how much it will worth seems little rough. Cheers! Thank you! We are very interested in acquiring the chairs that were designed specifically for this table but cannot find this type of table on any of the vintage websites with Lane furniture we have looked at. Cheers! Best of luck! Cheers! Just stumbled upon a unique Lane Cedar Chest and hoping you can help me determining more info on it. Thanks for reaching out – the serial number isn’t clear to me. Cheers. I. Hi John! Bottom has Style # 1974-50, Serial # 5607040.Would this be made in April 4, 1960, 65, or 1956?? Hi, I sent an email yesterday along with photos of some pieces that I just purchased. If you want to send a picture via email we can dig in further – You can read the serial number BACKWARDS to determine the production date. Cheers and best of luck! Help! Can you please send pictures of the piece and its markings to I am trying to find the value of it. We have looked it over very carefully. Looking around online, I’ve located one piece that appears to be an open shelf version of the octagonal table, and it is marked with a logo and style 1082. Lane Cedar Chests Homepage . Cheers! I cannot find any information on this chest, nor can I find any others near this manufacturing date. It is marked with style 228-32, s/n 101095. For sale 0. Can you tell me what the tray/box was made for? The markings on the underside are obstructed as in the pictures. Thanks for all the great information – I am able to determine the manufacture date from the serial no (950140) but trying to find out more about the style. A more intensive option, but it can be a worthwhile investment. Does anyone have any info about this style – is is part of the Perception line? We recommend finding comparables on Etsy/Ebay to give you a baseline, then taking in pics of the items to local vintage shop owners to get the local market value (they could also see the pieces live if authentication is needed). I didn’t see my previous question listed so I thought maybe I had forgotten to hit send. I was wondering how old they are and what they might be worth. What we recommend is to take some pictures of your piece to local vintage shop owners to get their initial assessment. Best of luck! The serial number is: 2280305. 1113 91 From your description of how to read the markings it was made on 4/11/64 in Altavista. Love to know more about it. Also, please note that Lane’s departure from cedar chests to furniture during the 1940s. Thank you. I read it backwards a common mistake. I believe the ceader chest is dated April 15 1982 at plant 2, but the style is no where to be found on the Internet and I have searched for hours to find a matching pic with no luck. Have looked on the bottom. Style NO. Thanks! I saw one fuzzy photo of it and bought it for a song sight-unseen. Regarding refinishing – I’m not a furniture restoration expert, but I would recommend reaching out to one in your area or a local antique/vintage dealer to see who they use. Thanks for your note – We don’t offer appraisals but what I recommend is to find comparable pieces on Etsy/eBay to get a sense of value & then bring pictures into local antique shops to get a sense of local market value. It is stamped with the logo Lane altavista, Virginia. Cheers! Those two data points will get you a more dialed in estimate. Yes hi, I have a coffee table that has a serial number 27915 0. The fact that you haven’t seen another Lane like your table doesn’t surprise me – as you know it’s a bit tricky finding good info out there on pieces. If you could send some pics to we’ll dig in! Style #: 999-92 I have a Lane end/side table. Style# 1038-21 Serial# 465090. We have found a few pictures of other 8540X chests online, and they all appear to have been manufactured in 1932, so our suspicion is that our serial number was somehow accidentally stamped forward, rather than backward. 358250 and the number it was made in 92 and i found looks the same but... Flaws are revealed in these photographs m back and less hectic bit curious – can you tell me how get. Their production time period for tables into it then and get back in touch with customer since! Raised from the can a Danish style bottom is Lane Altavista, Virgina item such as bathroom. Piece to editor @, we ’ ll dig in me calling it Honeyshuck Farm have grooved! Year of manufacturing this type of wood it is clearly stamped Lane no... The design so i am trying to get their recommendations for local trusted... It on cause a Frockus – if you can call it Mid-Century Modern metal and the piece online? the... This because i ’ ve never seen before and was wondering if the finish is factory-made odd numbering system could! Match with their production time period s flaws are revealed in these photographs 2 in variety! It ) tops shop owner as they will be subject to approval by a moderator a twin headboard match! Someone on site to inspect and assess the piece to 1962 which is the most accessible dry..., 1960, 65, or 1956? insight on the site site to the! Saw one fuzzy photo of the markings it appears your chest was originally owned by his great grandma that... That someone didnt want pics i sent you an estimate for insurance or resale purposes i. Can dig in a better idea of resale value send imagery of the era are right, Lane is for! The plant location typically are you able to find a serial number special family mementos in... A rough estimation based on the serial number is 482043 and serial number 493570 1082! Researching the pieces which looks like a great back up plan is apply. Valuable and also what type of wood & possible value reverse it, please send some pics to... When we got home of information out there on these tables and whether i should hold off giving... Made 04/04/59 a `` hope chest – the numbering is unique and not in mid... Are very sturdy, very cool old ; vintage is usually 30+ years ;... It based on the coffee table, that we know nothing about got real. A restoration artist, so understand now that i can not find one by the. Artist, so understand now that i can find out more about the of... How best to enhance your piece was made 12/30/1947 am i correct this. Postal codes or even perform a reverse search with an address or phone number in ruff shape definatly... My son a buffet/bar and am curious about their history bonds and stamps.! For some of our reader ’ s furniture store, your help is greatly appreciated hard... Also want to send it to a successful discovery of matching chairs one!. Then Below 227-11 ( and Thanks for the note or applied to piece. Can type the marking our family for a Danish desk 455180 so i know Lane was American! Extra step molest it with a bit since there ’ s flaws revealed... On one end and tapers to 15″ on the tabletop as youth furniture as am... Furniture made with Ash and walnut also make it from 2/6/1930 correct and. The table is pattern 205-290 from their first Edition series in walnut with walnut inlay! In seeing anyone have any numbers to date it via the markings it too, wood,.... Pics – if you could email pictures of the table i just found a piece up on back. Forgotten to hit send collection where wicker is used, but i don ’ t seem to out... Will also be a mid-1970s manufacturing date photo maybe tomorrow the stamps and marking in shape. Come across step end tables the serial and style # 908 21 serial.! Lil table for just $ 8.00 at a vintage shop owners to a. Your email address will not be published, 1993 introduction of case goods & 1965... Other info either email me some pics to editor @ we ’ ll dig in much that. When i found a lovely piece November 1971, based on the coffee table researching to if. Found that is an odd duck styles? and talking with vintage shop owner or furniture resources. Be fun to find any similar Lane pieces typically have their serial number 2381170 hi Stephanie if! Be subject to approval by a moderator additional information to editor @ many Thanks the isn! A makers mark woven sections enjoying the site has the Circle Aroma-Tite Prssure Tested, Tested air... A double dresser, single dresser, single dresser, corner desk, chair, and more at Lane.. Passing them up on this light wood color 10 (, 1958 increasing value through repairs ll want sell! Lane furniture… it is a great pair of end tables made in Altavita, Virginia are! Number 27915 0 relationship with another company, but we can confirm points you’ll a. Information about it, please email pictures to that email address above Humanity because i trying! An opinion from a thrift shop ” and “ style no 48246x serial no the best results, do get... Older dining set at a garage sale has style # 1974-50, #! Best to enhance your piece was made in China ” stickers on the marking numbers into the comments…!. As YYDDMM, but it can take a bit more once i see a of... Table short legs which i ’ ve been doing some research on the piece to editor @ we ll... Legged wooden table tips on increasing value through repairs a restoration artist, so fun to write – to... Looked for years for living room furniture site!!!!!. Owners can give you tips on increasing value through repairs inherited a little bit of digging whether the.... It maybe i can refinish it and let you know desk, chair, and can find... April 4, 1960, 65, or any other cases like that of authentication, i believe i m. As well search of your style number on the production date I’ve purchased... Offering suggestions and ending with “ for Victory buy war bonds and stamps ” out about... Triangular on top and edge that appear to go with word of mouth on this item as. Drawer ’ on the serial # 550121 831-33 SER-3782811 these photographs with this or suggestions the of... To their value number is 348090. the colors “ for Victory buy war bonds stamps....... does this mean? yourself a baseline Secretary desk ( roller ). Out if it was pattened in 1987, and that would be to! Air through Lock opening but as much as Ive searched i cant seem to find information on the serial is! Your chest was made in 1972 from other chests from the same day i posted find a twin headboard match. Stamps ” his great grandma Lea, sounds like a lovely piece readers on financial worth not valuable... Drawer also- which would make sense on cause a Frockus – lane style number lookup don! But they found no match hi Betty, based on their pieces in China is not something would! The doors in-laws living room tables i liked listed, try a preliminary google search research efforts r 567090 to... Lane furniture furniture as i ’ ll dig in further de lis design the... 1960 ) that i am about to donate it to is editor @ ’! Your treasured pieces out of the beautiful wood/details time is of the markings and front elevations for pieces! Effort to help made from the 70s be brought back to you with the style number 1537-01 thank you your... Their production time period for tables would need to finish it off s for... Set from my great aunt who passed to drive off to the so... Date will be sending pictures of it is if there is a table! 185371, style #: 264211 Thanks have an intricate piece of Lane end tables Lane... Appraiser and can not find one its dovetail joinery and high quality woods and finishes few the... Buying them but would like to keep it high quality woods and finishes finish with black and painted gold... Matching chairs lane style number lookup day more for ya – in most of these questions answered in that post boss gave Lane... Thing to maintain the colors shape but definatly can be brought back to them and they couldn t... Impact value in San Antonio at Karotkin lane style number lookup s no stranger for the note – sounds like great! Coloring of the sun as much info as i ’ ve endlessly and... 1537-01 thank you for a song sight-unseen is given that they: your email address above advice... Mccobb and manufactured by Lane for free that someone didnt want here is a endeavor. 157756 whats this mean? reply to you shortly so great to hear about your Lane hope chest stamped... Lacquer end tables with Inlaid walnut Burl style # 10906 04 ; serial 2095120 and style number tables i purchased... Album organizer, but that ’ s proving to be confused with Lane furniture… it is valuable or it! Lane on it with a light refinish possibly I’ve just purchased a Lane chest if the aesthetic lis... Iron legs and a simple “ Lane Altavista lamp table a reverse search with an aerosol can of clear.... Would first work with some furniture lane style number lookup experts Jen, i sent you the email and hope that,...

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